We all have amazing contacts.  Many have opportunities that we can potentially leverage to make some money and create a better future for ourselves and our family.   Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a place to connect our networks to business opportunities and be assured we will be appropriately compensated for the effort?  That is exactly what the Pro Players Elite Network (PPEN) was created to provide, a business transaction network built by former players for former players to engage in meaningful commerce and, if successful, be paid for their efforts.

What is Pro Players Elite Network?


Getting a deal done is hard enough; having to worry about getting cut out and losing a fee only adds more headache.  PPEN is a professional organization run by professionals with backgrounds in investment banking, hedge funds, startups and Fortune 500 management consulting. Our ethos is to assure that every transaction is transparent and that all parties are represented fairly and openly at the deal table.

Why was PPEN created?

No, PPEN is independent from the NFLPA, NFLRPA or any other players organization. While we certainly appreciate their activities for the betterment of the retired players, our purpose is to provide a hub for commerce and is unlike any other retire players group to the extent of our knowledge.

Is PPEN part of any other retired players group?

The most important difference is we do not solicit player funds. We have a depth of resources and capabilities created solely to benefit our members so they can bring deals and get connected to other players and professionals with aligned interests. We do not manage players capital or invest on their behalf; allowing PPEN to act as a true membership platform, free from conflict. 

What makes you different from other organizations?

No. PPEN is strictly a business networking site by former players for former players. We connect retired players with institutional investors and business leaders in order to grow businesses faster and support member commerce.

Is PPEN a Bank? 
A Financial Institution?
An Investor?
A Lender?

No. PPEN is dedicated to providing opportunities to its members and does not require you to pay any upfront membership fees.  If a player successfully completes a transaction with the support of PPEN, PPEN will earn a fee from the proceeds of the deal.  If the deal doesn’t close, there is no fee.

Is there a fee to be part of PPEN?

A typical business opportunity is structured with a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Non-Circumvention Agreement and a Finder’s Fee Agreement.  These documents serve as the legally binding agreement that outlines “who get what and when” if a deal closes and is funded.

How do I know I will not be cut out of an introduction I make?

Complete the Opportunity Inquiry form in the secure area of the PPEN site and submit for review.  PPEN will not promote any “pay to play” networking opportunities such as multi-level marketing, highly speculative investments or other get rich quick schemes that prey on players notoriety.

How can I market my business? 

Complete the Opportunity Inquiry form in the secure area of the PPEN site and submit for review.  You will receive a response within two business days that may include follow questions, clarification and other requests to further the deal evaluation.  Once PPEN has enough information to move forward, a exploration call will be scheduled and we will describe next steps.

How can I take advantage of a potential business opportunity?

Each program has a contact information, reach out via email or phone to set up a time to understand the programs and see if they may be a good fit. 

  •  If you are aware of any player programs that may benefit former players please let us know!

How do I take advantage of any Player Programs listed?

Invite them to visit the site and sign up for access to the Locker Room.

How can I refer a former teammate of mine to PPEN?

If I have any questions how can I contact PPEN?