The Hospital for Special Surgery needs your HELP!

WANTED 100 former NFL players for a CBD Study that are in PAIN


The Pro Player Elite Network ( has teamed up with the Hospital for Special Surgery under the supervision of Dr. Vjay Vad  ( and EdiPro a pioneer in the extraction and processing of a new 100% natural, easily metabolized, organic water soluble CBD medicine to sponsor a clinical study for chronic pain management

The Hospital for Special Surgery is conducting a clinical study centered on the use of the safe, non-addictive EdiPro cannabinoid (CBD) medicine derived from cannabis and hemp plants for the relief of chronic pain. The study is designed to measure the medicine’s healing properties as it relates chronic muscle pain and chronic joint and back pain and chronic inflammation. Dr. Vjay Vad’s research team is looking for 100 volunteers to take part in the study that will span 60 days.  The Pro Player Elite Network will provide the medicine free of charge in the form of an EdiPro CBD inhaler.  

Some ex-players are involved and leading the way in CBD research, others have found the relief they have been looking for by using CBD products.


Former player quotes:


Since I began taking Hemp Oil, high in the Cannabadiol compound, I feel less achy and painful after rigorous activity. The inflammation in my joints from old football injuries has decreased and I feel more alert mentally. Basically, the oils have helped my overall health and wellness in many ways including allergies, sleep issues, memory and general health!
— Jake Plummer
CBD OILS: Have worked for my anxiety attacks, orthopedic pain in joints, headaches, migraines, hyper tension. CBD Oils has been very instrumental in winging me off the addictive opioids, that are so harmful to your vital organs, long term effects are killing people.
— Derek Kennard
Since taking CBDs I notice an improvement in my general mood and sense of wellbeing. My anxiety level seems to be less when I am using CBD Oil. I look forward to finding one strong enough to help with the chronic pain I live with.
— Quintus McDonald

If you are interested in participating in the study, you will be required to do the following:

1)    Register below and fill out a general information form

2) You will receive a email welcoming you to the CBD study from Dr. Vjay Vad

2)    Fill out an on-line consent and survey forms before you start the study

3)    Fill out a weekly online survey of how the EdiPro CBD Inhaler is is working for you

4)    Agree to use the EdiPro CBD Inhaler every day as instructed by Dr. Vad’s team

5)    Agree to use the medicine for 30 consecutive days as prescribed


Register here to participate in Dr Vad’s CBD study



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