The Pro Players’ Elite Network is a membership organization of over eleven thousand retired NFL players & elite athletes with a diverse set of skills and resources that work together as athletes helping athletes. 

At PPEN, our goal is to connect institutional investors with business leaders to grow ideas, products and companies at an accelerated rate and equity value. 

The heart of PPEN is our unwavering commitment to provide our members with an easy to use, transparent business exchange platform that in no way solicit’s player’s funds. It is through our deeply nurtured resources and relationships that we are able to create a network with the sole purpose to benefit our members.  PPEN is strictly a membership network, not a financial institution. 

As a member of PPEN, members can interact with not just each other but also with a hand picked set of elite partners. These interactions can take place through the following examples:

  • An Introduction to a business opportunity to another member of PPEN.

  • Actively seek out business opportunities within the PPEN family.

  • Teaming up with other PPEN members & partners to collaborate on business opportunities.

At PPEN, we happily grant network access to those individuals that can appropriately demonstrate they played in the NFL and agree to adhere to PPEN’s Membership Guidelines.

All potential members are asked to complete and submit the PPEN Qualification & Supplemental Information form, available here.

Upon approval by the Membership Committee, a representative of PPEN will conduct a new member orientation to introduce the network’s resources and begin introductions to other members and partners. 


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